Top 10 Football Club Websites

Watching sports history unfold from the bleachers has been a no-go for the past year. Because stadiums have closed their gates, people are searching for new ways to express their support while social distancing. 

Enter: the team website. Leaving personal preferences aside, we analyzed several sites from a usability and design perspective. Check out the top 10 to see which football teams have the best digital presence:


Juventus uses high-quality, emotional visuals to their advantage. From the Juventus Fans Bold typeface to the humanizing photographs and videos, this website stirs emotion every step of the user journey. With personalized iconography, dedicated sections for news, and “Juventus TV” this page could keep a supporter busy for hours on end. 


The scores for the last matches are one scroll away, and users can also check out the stats of each member of the football team using a sleek sliding feature. It really wouldn’t be a complete experience without user accounts. Fans can register and login to stay on top of current events. The UX copy is fun and friendly. 

Thanks to its FAQ section, search bar, and legible text, this website has high navigability and it’s our number 1 pick in terms of digital presence. 

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona really knows how to flaunt the benefits of becoming a website member. Creating a user account gives fans a personalized avatar, birthday surprises, access to the team’s live streaming service, and access to fan only forums. How’s that for making your supporters feel special?

The colour palette of the interface design uses desaturated versions of the team colours and colour gradients to prevent straining the eyes. The FC Barcelona website also has relevant integrated features, such as a countdown to the next match, scoreboards for previous matches, and player stats. 

The homepage navigation menu follows users around as they scroll through, which increases navigability. Additionally, the website also has an integrated social media feed which updates automatically. Fun and functional, this website definitely belongs at the top. 

Sport Lisboa e Benfica

This website has a clean looking general style with personalized iconography. Benfica shows concern for accessibility, navigability, and has great initiatives in place for fans that are social distancing, such as virtual tours of the team’s museum. 


The website reflects the clubs preoccupation for football enthusiasts. In pre-pandemic times, Benfica had several in-person activities lined up for fans. From birthday celebrations on the Estádio da Luz to childrens’ football camps, this team knew how to instill a sense of community. 

Their Agenda subpage makes it very easy for users to check out the team’s schedule and keep up with future sporting events. The Benfica website also has all the classic subsections: live streaming, videos, news, and shop. It stands out thanks to its great layout and relevant social initiatives.

Bayern Munich 

Aside from the typical news and video categories, FC Bayern Munich’s website goes the extra mile for its users. With information regarding how to found a fan club and relevant social media groups one click away, it feels really community centered.

Furthermore, the website also offers 360 tours of the FC Bayern Museum and the Allianz Arena in Munich. These features can act as major comforters for fans that miss going to the stadium to see the team play. The website also allows fans to customize the shirts they purchase. 

Manchester United

Besides ticking all the structural boxes of football team websites, Manchester United goes the extra mile to improve and asks for user feedback. Additionally, they have an entire subsection dedicated to ensuring access in the stands for disabled fans. 

The website is well-organized, logically structured, and easy to navigate through. The strongest humanizing factor is the content on their social campaign pages such as #allredallequal. Registered users can also create personalized calendars for the matches they’re interested in. Definitely a great page if you want to feel like a valued member of the community. 

Borussia Dortmund 

This website’s on-brand, asymmetric design is very eye-catching. The homepage mostly reads like a sports news outlet, but prioritizes essential information at the top. Supporters can see the team’s score during the last game and the date of the next game without having to scroll once.

There’s also a nifty feature in the form of a lightbulb button which mutes the harsh yellow background to increase long term navigability and reduce eye strain. It seems like a creative middle ground which aims to satisfy both branding and usability requirements.


Arsenal’s website has tailored user paths according to user interests. Aside from featuring news and a comprehensive club history section, the website also has amazing videography of the Arsenal Emirates Stadium. 

The homepage offers equal exposure to both men and women teams, which is not as common as it should be. The website is rich in useful features, such as the search bar, the self-actualizing social media feed, and the updated score boards and scheduling boards. Users can import match calendars onto their profiles at their convenience. 

AS Roma

Their website is big on storytelling. As the team of the First Eternal City, they have many posts deep diving into the team’s legendary figures, whether they be managers or players. This series of articles, titled “History Makers”, is a delight for football trivia fans.


The website has an hourly countdown to the next match right in the homepage header. While it contains all the typical structural elements of football websites, it stands out thanks to their respectful showcase of the team’s past.

Real Madrid 

Real Madrid is also a football club that’s proud of its history and its stadium, the famous Santiago Bernabéu. Nostalgic users can check out the latter from every angle, as the team’s website features a dedicated section for virtual stadium tours.

The club also flaunts its many accomplishments, having created an optimally interlinked section for their achievements. While the website favors visual simplicity, it uses strong content to communicate pride and accomplishment. 

Newcastle United

Newcastle United’s website is committed to accessibility standards. It accepts and encourages user feedback. Additionally, it has several inclusive features, such as Recite, High Contrast, and Dyslexie Font.


Chock-full of news, videos, and historical information, this website makes for a captivating pastime. Trying to keep in touch with fans during lockdown, they’ve also organized Q&A zoom sessions with players. They deserve to be in the top 10 because of their inclusive approach. 

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