#TECStories – Alexandra Bichir

I’m the company’s learning and development nudger, internal broadcaster of news and updates, spirits lifter, incidents antenna, last-minute problem solver, all in all, the unofficial TEC’s mommy.   

I am not your typical HR specialist, walking around the office in high heels and doing her best to look busy. The truth of the matter is that 99% of the time I AM busy 😛. I am an HR because I genuinely care about people even when I chase them up and give them a hard time to fill me in papers. As any good mother, you have to put your foot down to avoid spoiling your children.  

Here’s where I come from. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always liked to organize things, take care of others and get things going. One relevant thing on this matter is the 5 years old Alexandra building her own little house and her own little business under the stairs, not waiting for Santa or my parents to give them to me. I took things in my own hands. I was very happy to welcome guests and serve my “clients” (my sister, mainly).  

In school I was pretty good at math and I suppose I could have become a pretty good math teacher, but I felt that somebody needed to get their hands dirty and help mum do the dishes. So, I chose to study social work in college instead of mathematics and informatics.  

As a social worker you are like a macro photographer, you get to see and hear and capture in your memory a lot of individual stories, and details that make up someone’s life. Strange thing, my vision is not that great, but when interacting with people I use more than my lens. This is what I try to do in relation to my colleagues.  

I get that the essence is sometimes hidden in the silence between words or in a hand gesture. I am lucky enough to be surrounded with fascinating people here at TEC and, even if I might strike you as a stressed and jumpy person most of the time. I am all over the place, multitasking like crazy but I don’t lay low as a colleague.  

Make friends with me if you want me to toss you sweets from our hidden cabinet. Call on me if you want a brand new sharpie. Part me on my shoulder if you need a good listener, I promise I’ll try to help. (blink blink)