Architecture design

Whether we're talking about new software architecture or analyze an existing one, our team is ready to deliver the most appropriate architecture design - flexible, bespoke, adaptable to different platforms and ready to interact with 3rd party products and apps.

Build the foundation for your market winning product
We can help you choose and implement the best language, framework and design for your project - our software architecture experience will integrate everything from analysis to design, evaluation, and evolution services.

Our process to ensure your success
We are flexible in any given project, but our success is guaranteed by keeping in mind a few simple steps:
Understanding the environment in which a proposed system or systems will operate and determining the requirements for the system is the ground rule in any given project.
Creating a viable system architecture is crucial, that is why we'll insist on gathering the requirements, analyzing your current state of the architecture design and evaluate your project, in order to deliver and / or improve the design.
Is the process of determining how well the current design or a portion of it satisfies the requirements.
This is the process of analyzing whether to maintain and adapt an existing software architecture to new environmental changes.

TEC’s flexible approach means more collaboration
Whenever we create new software architecture or analyze an existing one, our focus will be on working closely with our clients, in order to help you achieve your goals.