Technical consultancy

A new project, whether it's a new website for your business or a new IT system, must be treated properly, to identify complex matter to get the best results and ROI for your company. When it comes to bespoke software development, technical consultancy is as important as the project itself, that is why we invest a lot of efforts into providing a complex and successful one.
A large number of experts will put all their efforts into it: engineering experts will analyze your technology needs and specs and align them with any goal your business might have, then the implementation will be held off to our project managers, which will ensure a smooth and natural transition from theoretical changes to an actual, successful digital transformation.
Three main areas will be the highlights of our consultancy services:

Analyzing initial requirements will allow you to understand what's necessary from a list of suppliers, price alternatives, cost savings.

Requirements tender
A comprehensive guide - including specs and detailed information- with all your requirements will be drafted, and then sent to all potential suppliers, as part of your tender process.

Analysis of tender/proposal documents
Analyzing all details of all costs versus investments versus risks will help you get a clear image of what's coming for your project. We'll be providing you with an unbiased opinion on all relevant information, including the best value among all potential suppliers.