We live in times in which online means SEO. Either way you put it, your online business would need a specific SEO strategy and implementation, in order to reach relevant results when it comes to exposure and conversions.

Technical SEO
Technical SEO should be the core of any SEO strategy. It includes reviewing and adapting your website's speed performance and accessibility. Our team will use a wide range of tools in order to enhance the speed and quality of you online page by creating an optimisation plan and defining specific deliverables.

On-page SEO
Any online presence needs optimising if its goal is to rank higher in search results. Some of the most relevant aspects we rely on when doing that are content, appearance and other technical elements. On-page SEO focuses on continuously optimising your website by focusing on these specific elements.

Like in any other partnership, reporting and constant feedback is on the top of our expert's mind. Any SEO campaign drives a specific result, and we'll be gathering data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and various other platforms in order to create an exhaustive, comprehensible report. We are full transparent on SEO results and we can always crossmatch them against initial KPIs and objectives.