#TECStories – Daniel Borobei

Hi, I’m Daniel, I was born on April’s fool day in Romania probably because the stork wanted to play a trick on me, not dropping me off in Italy as the initial plan was. Let me explain. Ever since I was born, I’ve been driving people crazy with my hand gestures and enthusiasm no matter the subject I was going in. 


Then my frenzy for “Cucina Italiana”:  fusilli, spaghetti, tortellini have always been my delight and weak spot, so much so that everytime me and my friends bet on something, they ask me to stay away from pasta for a week – I usually lose. For the record – I can cook as many as fourteen types of pasta with my eyes closed and people report finger-licking experiences. I also have a whole ritual of breakfast that involves a particular type of brewed cappuccino, mozzarella di buffola with tomatoes and sometimes a spread of pesto which I love to share. 

 Just like any Italian, I’m crazy about football. That’s not to say that Romanians are not, but I think I am taking it a bit further – afterall, I broke a TV once when my team lost, you know. 

My friends call me excessively trim and fashionable, a shirt always makes me feel in my element. I tend to overdress most of the time and people sometimes frown upon it but hey, it’s the Italian in me who wants to come out.

What fascinates me the most about Italians is the cult of the sturdy, well-done work, whether it’s a building or a bridge, a suit or a song. I guess that’s why I really love my job as a quality assurance engineer here in TEC, because I can pull strings and tweak things to make the end result just perfect. 

That’s me in a nutshell. Ping me if you doubt my cooking skills and want proof of it or if you want to lose a football or a tennis match :P. I am quite competitive by nature, extroverted, hyperactive and a bit crazy but I can be a good colleague and friend.