#TECStories – Claudiu Potinteu

We keep on celebrating #PeopleOfTEC through some amazing storytelling exercises!

Today, you’re going to know more about our awesome colleague, Claudiu!

I’m Claudiu, and my colleagues say that I’m workaholic, but I am just having “meaningful” fun.

#TECStories – Claudiu Potinteu

I might strike you as a procrastinator, but in fact, I am carefully gathering details, details over details trying to transform a guesstimate* into an educated guess. I grew up in a God-forsaken village in Apuseni mountains. As a child, I couldn’t get away with bad grades and messing around like other children, as my parents were both teachers and always had the Sauron eye on me. They predicted my every move and even knew about my first crush before I did. I just had to embrace it.

I am sure that you put me in the “geek” box by now, but that’s only because of my competitive nature. I’ve always tried to figure things out, get to the bottom of things, outsmart problems and come first at everything I took up. That also includes skiing, football, videogames, and all sorts of silly arguments. 

Outside work I am a pretty outdoorsy person, I can’t wait to hop on my motorcycle or my bike in the weekends, or I tend to break the door open when fresh snowfalls in winter.

I guess what I was trying to say is that you can count on me getting things done as a colleague, but also you can turn to me if you’re looking for ski resorts tips. I might join you if of course, you let me win if we race. 😋