#TECStories – Andreea Honceriu

We are celebrating #PeopleOfTEC through some amazing storytelling exercices!

We all have a story to tell. Each one is unique and meaningful. That is why we had this idea – how about publishing, once in a while, one of our stories? How about getting to know more about the people you talk, work and have fun with? Storytelling turned into a monthly piece of a blog post, and Andreea’s our very first one!

Hi there, I’m Andreea, coffee fanatic and mother of two effervescent, strong-minded children. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Sighisoara. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child growing up on the streets of the 12th century citadel primed me to search for hidden little treasures everywhere in life, both in my travels but also in people. When I go on holiday I am drawn to old towns and places, like an ancient mill “Le Moulin de Monternault” on Loire Valley turned into a living space, with the smell of freshly baked bread coming out of an old  window or little tea habits kept alive with porcelain cups and sugar tongs.  I love to let my mind wonder back in time and imagine how people used to live decades or centuries ago, with long layered dresses, handmade embroideries and so much more attention to details. 

In my quests I am also attracted to more subtle things like finding the gems inside people. Raised by two science teachers, I inherited an analytical mind that helps me bypass the first impression you get from a person and look for other hidden, intriguing details. I tend to start a lot of conversation threads hoping to find a story or a spark of wonder. That’s how I’ve learned to broaden my horizons and see things from someone else’s perspective – a fact that somehow brought me to the position I am in here in TEC. It’s a place where I can blend my need to see results and get things done with my curiosity in people’s tales.

Making the plan, asking the questions, hearing the ideas – that’s my thing! I hope we’ll cross paths and write a nice story together!

Andreea Honceriu PROJECT MANAGER