Onboarding: a hassle made fun

Onboarding has always felt like an out-of-time, out-of-place phase. You got over the interview phase (phewww, 😌) and now you don’t really know what you had let yourself in for. You have to sign a lot of papers, agreements, you don’t actually produce anything and you need to meet a lot of people that you can’t always see-through, especially if you first meet them online. Don’t worry, we know how that feels and it’s our priority to help you blend in and get in with us.


Besides the predictable medical check-outs, laptop receptions, document sign-ups, ISO instructions, health and safety at work, we try to stretch our arms open towards new hires, both as future colleagues and as future friends. As a newcomer, we invite you to read the stories of your colleagues on the company’s blog. Most of them left breadcrumbs for people to connect at a deeper level, talking about turning points in their lives, people that made an impression on them, passions, hobbies, dreams, goals, and about how they ended up working at TEC. Another thing we do is to have you meet Diana, our English communication reference. She’ll help you brush up on your English and soft skills, prepare your vocab for small talks, and ultimately sketch your profile to open parentheses for others to click with you. 

Even if we are flexible and people can choose to work from home, we’ll try to lure you to the office with goodies and good coffee to get to know you face to face.

If this does not persuade you, the feedback from our colleagues might:

“I am constantly learning something new every week, I am evolving and I can get as involved as possible in the project”

“One success story to share would be the process of implementing a platform dedicated to our department (BambooHR). An implementation that, through a lot of communication and good organization, was a breeze.”

“Starting at home is really a challenge. A challenge to talk every day with people you don’t know and haven’t seen in your life, to share long hours with them, and talk to them about work-related issues to personal life. Luckily people here are very nice and tried to make me feel “at home. ;)”

All in all, the onboarding process should go smoothly, especially using the BambooHR tool that has checkboxes for all the steps you need to take along the way. 

Join us, let’s write stories together!