It’s all in the little things

For more than five years now, we decided to take a step forward and commit to kindness, throughout various charitable projects. One might argue that this is a rational decision and we’re just following trends involving helping communities. And, for some, that might be true. That’s not our case, though.   

December is, by far, that month of the year in which we take a step forward into someone’s future. The whole Christmas mood, the revelation that acts of kindness mean more that whatever shopping – all this sets the right mood for our team. Nevertheless, we are actively involved in such project all year round. But this month is about Christmas, and here’s what we have chosen to do. 

Something New 

We organized 2 charity events for Something New, a NGO, eager to provide equal opportunities when it comes education to all children, regardless of their current environment or origin. Making leaps in the educational progress, offering children and their families a chance to a normal, decent life and maybe change their future for their good – these are the pillars of Something New

The first event had books, paintings and handmade original Christmas decorations. The second one was a true sugar-high, since cookies and cakes were involved.  

All the money was donated to Something New association and their three main beneficiaries, the Gălățan family, the Oltean family and to Cristina Dîrlea, a very promising young girl, eager to learn and rise from her modest background and find her true potential. 

Something New

Our commitment to kindness 

We truly believe that small changes can change an entire community. We believe in the power of kindness, awareness and personal involvement. Our strong belief is that, by proactively improving or changing matters such as education, safety and wellbeing, we will generate true, real changes regarding our community – for now, but also for the future. 

Magic is always about people

Making magic real is not impossible. It takes a bunch of enthusiastic people, all brought together by the same, unique idea – do good. We were happy and honored to have actively changed, even if maybe a little, someone’s life, at present or future tense. 

We’ll keep doing the right things every time we’ll have the chance, so make sure you follow the #PeopleOfTEC and our involvement in the community!