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Untold is one of the largest festivals in Europe having more than 400,000 visitors every year. Due to multiple problems encountered during ticket sales on third-party platforms and issues with ticket fraud, they have decided to contract TEC to provide a viable solution. The main objectives of the project stated a requirement for a digital platform which will increase ticket sales, provide excellent performance and user experience and increase revenue and decrease costs. 


Following a user research campaign, TEC has started working on a solution that would incorporate all the identified requirements. 

Starting with a targeted volume of “concurrent online users”, TEC has developed a decoupled, robust base to build a suite of user-centric services, which ensures better performance and easy integration with any provider working with any technology. Focusing on a performance-driven architecture combined with the use of CDN platforms, cashing models, benchmark and performance tests, the development team has developed the platform. 

Regarding the increase in sales, TEC, together with customer representatives, have worked on implementing Ticket Sale Campaigns, they have integrated campaign widgets on selective online platforms, online cashless payments and top-ups, and have set up the infrastructure for hundreds of points of sale. As a solution for the ticketing fraud phenomenon, TEC has also built a standalone Ticket Resale Marketplace. TEC also offers 24/7 live event support. 


As a result of the applied strategy, the platform has passed all tests, as it supported massive ticket sale campaigns with 15000 tickets sold over a period of 5 minutes, with excellent response times. This has helped to increase online ticket sales by 184% in 2017. Now we are selling 15000 tickets in less than 30 seconds. 

Costs have been reduced due to the elimination of third-party commissions for ticket sales and online payments, while all resellers and buyers have a secure platform where they can trade festival tickets without the fear of scammers.  

The development of the ticket sale platform and the additional enhancements have convinced Dettra to extend their collaboration with TEC, moving together towards the concept of a Smart Festival achieved through the process of Digital Transformation. 

Over the years we improved the sale process, helping our customer to reach the needs of clients, and enhance the festival experience. 

Numbers for 2018: 

  • 40,000+ online check-in in 8 days 
  • 50,000+ tickets sold  
  • 1,000,000 custom emails sent  
  • 20,000 successful online top-up transactions in 10 days 
  • Bringing fantasy and love to over 100,000 festival-goers 

Top-up and donations also helped UNTOLD and “Dăruiește Viață Association” with funds to build the first two sterile rooms in the Pediatric Oncology Institute in Cluj Napoca. 

Numbers for 2019: 

  • 70,000+ tickets sold thru in-house ticketing platform 
  • 150,000+ barcodes synced
  • 1,200,000 custom emails sent  
  • 65,000+ online check-in in 10 days 
  • 25,000 successful online top-up transactions in 10 days (value over 1.3 mil Euros)  
  • 15,000+ participants accessed the new auto top-up functionality  
  • 20,000+ participants benefited from using the online refund and
  • Online donations feature 

This year the donations helped UNTOLD to finance rehabilitation operations for “Pediatric I” Emergency Hospital from Cluj-Napoca.