Building the future of football management

An all-in-one football software platform

Running a sports organisation takes lots of time and efforts for its board members. Strategic thinking must be integrated into a larger routine, including daily tasks, periodical reports and decision making. Could a unique football software platform manage to include all the above in its features?

Project intro

TEC Agency developed a business intelligence tool when it comes to football management, in order to help football club boardrooms become more efficient in squad administration, better informed on squad performance and more strategic in future planning.

Designed as a business intelligence tool, the platform enables better decision-making by providing a deeper insight into the underlying team performance and player’s contribution. Also, its intuitive tools allow users to interact with financial and performance data, helping them understand their significance, but also getting their meaning through smart visualizations.

It is now being used by 30 football clubs, managing 11k+ players. Among its clients, the football intelligence platform helps boardrooms from 5 Premier League teams and from EFL Championship, but also teams from many other countries, including Germany’s Bundesliga, Spain, South Africa, USA, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Mexico or The Czech Republic. It also indexed, until now, 220 competitions from over 50 countries. Its performance is constantly reinforced by all its clients, confirming its unique approach on professional football management.  

All your data, one platform

Run your sports organization with our easy to use all-in-one sports software platform. Our knowledge in sport management allowed us to create a ready-to-use, customizable powerful platform. The dashboard lets you instantly access relevant, specific information like Squad Administration, Performance Intelligence and Scenario Planning.

Squad Administration Performance Intelligence Scenario Planning
Player contracts and squad related costs, digitalized and easier to control and manage, by using tools like contracts database, acquisition, cost review, game bonuses, wage analysis and live notifications.   A set of diagnostic tools and data visualisations to help the client better understand and predict its performance in relation to its rivals: squad depth, player lifecycle and statistics, and league projections.   We created a smart system essential in planning the future, based on features like interactive planning tools, pitch view, wage projections, gap analysis and future lifecycles.

New Software in Player Trading

We also integrated a new app module which allows clubs to lineup their transfer targets and ‘run the numbers’ on how much of a risky investment this would be against a targeted transfer fee, the expectations of the club and the fit of the player.


  • Objective risk assessment
  • Better recruitment decisions
  • Detailed analysis of performance and financial data

Platform highlights

Our management platform caters to midsize to major football clubs, but also to any other sports professionals. Its versatile foundation allows the management team not only to administrate current club activities but also predict scenarios, invest and set current and future budgets.

Our sport management platform is a highly intelligent, adaptable and complex tool, allowing football clubs to make better decisions when it comes to their present and future. It reduces the costs of contract administration, granting bonuses, payments to agents and renewing contracts.

  • Saves time spent in meetings, by simplifying access to information in an online (secure) platform.
  • Ensures a solid foundation in internal discussions on topics related to player management, performance and long-term development of the team.
  • Showcase the club and attract new investment with clear succession planning, roadmaps and squad due to diligence reporting.