The Show Must Go On

Every year, people across all nations leap into the unforgettable experience of music, dance and entertainment known as Untold Festival. Throughout all these past years, the most beloved Romanian dance festival has created a unique sense of community and belonging, which is, perhaps, the heart and soul of the entire festival.  

This year was a game-changer for everyone.  This year highlighted weaknesses and strengths and created new opportunities for everyone.  

The Show Must Go On
photo: Untold

We changed the way we evaluate performance, as we created history while supporting the 2020’s Untold massive ticket sale. We changed the way we are now imagining the future. We had to adapt to a unique and challenging worldwide situation. This pandemic changed everything but our commitment to excellence. 

This year’s edition of Untold remains, for now, an untold story. But, when the time will be right, and everybody’s safety will no longer be an issue, Untold’s going to change things yet again. This temporary pause means time to reinvent, create and think new ways for festivalgoers to interact and experience the festival. We proudly support Untold alongside their effort to adapt and respect new safety regulations, and we are looking forward to the future and the next Untold edition. 

When it comes to this year’s tickets, all 2020 purchased passes can be swapped with an ANYTIME Pass. This new feature allows festivalgoers to attend any of the 3 following editions, at their choices, regardless of the dates. For more details, please visit Untold’s website

Untold festival, together with Neversea, not only must go on, but they will go on. We are looking forward to the future, and can’t wait for it to unravel! 

See you in 2021!