The magic of a 2″ sale

In the last five years, Cluj-Napoca has opened its doors to hundreds of thousands of visitors, all brought together by the same reason: Untold Festival, one of the most popular electronic music festivals across Europe. Untold has even been designated ”Best Major Festival” within European Festival Awards, back in 2015.
Year after year, Untold’s standards changed the festival industry when it comes to ticketing, check-in, accommodation, performers, stages – all that in order to create a truly wonderful, magical experience for its target audience. With each of its editions growing exponentially, Untold has gathered, in 2019, a crowd of 370,000 over four days, making it the most successful edition in history.

We’re in the business of setting records
Behind the scenes of every major event, there’s a never-ending collective effort in order to maintain and deliver exceptional and memorable experiences. Untold, together with Neversea, has over 150 persons working all year round. This number grows by 13 times around and during the festivals. Preparations for the future chapter/edition starts day one after the event is over.

For a 2” pre-sale, more than 10 people are investing their efforts continuously, for a period of 2 to 4 months prior to the actual sale.
TEC’s input was to deliver solutions for ticketing & access, cashless payment, sales & marketing. Re-registrations for the next edition, the first round of tickets to be sold soon after, payment security issues, real-time reporting, the second round of tickets sold a couple of days later, and so on. Every day, a team of highly specialized people is making sure that every interaction with Untold’s ticketing platform runs smoothly. This means continuous monitoring of the entire sale process, testing, bug fixes and support.

15.000 tickets sold in less than 3”
Day after day, we develop new features on the ticketing platform. We run year-round application managements. The ticketing platform runs smoothly and intuitively, and we have the numbers to prove it – 80% of tickets are sold through Untold’s ticket platform, while only a 20% of users choose to purchase tickets from other partner platforms.

pahse1 ticket

Who’s behind the magic button?
“Working on this project is both thrilling and challenging. Each day we come up with new ideas to improve the amazing experience for our users. From time to time we live through breathtaking moments when we start a new event, the second we hit that final click and see how our work is accessed by users worldwide is my favourite moment on the project.” Anca M.

“I find the Untold project very complex and challenging. As a new member of the development team, I would say that adaptability, quality and creativity are the key elements that guide us in developing the right product in the right way. The fact that thousands of people are using functionalities that we implement makes us more responsible, focused and motivated to do our best in order to fulfil the customer’s needs.” Cami T.

This November, we’re all up and ready for another magical minute-countdown. So, stay close, we’ll be delivering some magic in just a few days.
Stay tuned and be ready this Wednesday at 2 pm EET.
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