#TECStories – Marius Lupou

We keep on celebrating #PeopleOfTEC through some amazing storytelling exercises! Today, you’re going to know more about our awesome colleague, Marius!

#TECStories - Marius Lupou

Marius here, people call me a highflyer probably because I am quite tall and I have a few good years of professional volleyball to look back on but also because I dabble with all kinds of do-ers in life. I jump head first in any endeavour that fires my enthusiasm and it doesn’t take too much to get me excited about something. Along the years I’ve been part of student organizations, ski trips organizer & driver, regional volleyball club founder, and even a students newspaper editor; working as a teaching assistant at the Technical University, ticketing manager at UNTOLD & Neversea, chief of staff at the Authority for the Digitalization of Romania, attended government meetings, and even worked at a few texts regarding law proposals. As you can see I’m all over the place 🙂

A prime thing you should know about me is that I am a frenzy fancy motorcycle owner that I won almost by accident with a friend at a Rock FM contest. I hadn’t really been interested in bikes before this event, but laying your hands on ~30k Euro Harley Davidson custom chopper, makes it grow on you. Perhaps this is where I should mention my grandfather, who had a knack for motorcycles himself. Even if my mother had him give them up when I was born, to make sure I don’t get the “virus” myself, here I am. I’m sure he would have loved to see me follow in his tracks. 

It must have been him too, the one I take after regarding my love for DIY. Proud of my grandfather’s carpenters table that I managed to salvage and bring in my new workshop at my parents’ house. 

From electrical work to small wooden objects and gardening, I love to give my mind a break and let my hands take over. I love to invite a few friends over to help me out and play around, all this sprinkled with some music and “a bit” of alcohol. 

This is me in a nutshell, from the ultimate highs to the lows that brought me to my knees there has been one constant, my desire to blend in with everything and everyone that life has on offer. I’m in for the thrills, for the laughs, the challenges, the cold shivers down my spine. I’m a fool for “I bet you can’t……” and I always have a blast along the way.