#TECStories – Gabriela Pricop

Hi, I’m Gabi, I’m the ginger girl inside TEC. I’m your ‘typical’ – run – around – like – a – chicken – without – a – head – developer; that stresses herself out for the little things and tries to do everything in the same time, but who pulls through, eventually and miraculously.


As a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a scientist.  I was convinced that everything boils down to figuring out formulas that would help me discover the underlying rules of life – I was an Einstein fan. Going down this path, I majored in Maths in high school but made a slight turn to programming in college. I knew I wasn’t going to make any new breakthroughs in science but instead, I would be able to figure out people’s problems and smooth things out in the world. I was excited.

Another prime thing you should know about me; is that I am a scout at heart and I am constantly seeking for adventures and new opportunities to explore this world. I was lucky enough to get pulled into the scouts community in college and life has never been the same since. Luckily, the life of a developer couples perfectly with this, because I could afford to travel more. I have had quite a lot of thrilling experiences in the countries I have been to: Switzerland baffled me with its beauty and I set my mind to living there one day. Iceland gave me a glimpse of how it feels to walk on the moon. Austria took me on a journey back in time; and I literally felt like walking in the shoes of queens and kings in its castles. I could be going on like this about the places I’ve been to: Malta, Germany, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, Italy etc. but I prefer to save them for a cosy chat over a cup of tea.

Just so you know, I am also crazy about cooking. If we become colleagues and you happen to be around for my birthday, you’re in for a treat: I like to make cookies, to try different recipes; whatever I happen to prepare at home I’m happy to share with anyone around.

All in all, even if I look like a busy bee I take time off for colleagues and my friends – I enjoy listening to their stories and share my passions with them. Reach out to me if you’re interested in horseback rides, talk about mountain gear, edgy hikes or exchanging exotic recipes.