#TECStories – Alexandru Olariu

Hello there, I am Andu, the young HR that singles out people to fit in with the TEC tribe to keep the fire burning. Don’t be deceived by my age – I’ve always felt like an old man in a young man’s body, mostly because of the myriad of heavy books I read, the fact that I instantly click with seniors, and that I get triggered easily if you disturb my silence (hehe).

#TECStories – Alexandru Olariu

By now (I’m in my mid-twenties) I’ve attempted a career in programming, ended up studying and working in civil engineering, dabbled in the world of NGOs, and today, here I am at TEC working as an HR consultant (strike a pose!). It may look a bit haphazard, but I really feel like I have found my place here. Here’s why. All along my sharp-angled path through life, there has been one constant – martial arts. This is where I got most of my life values and principles in life. In my daily evening training, I am surrounded by a lot of mindful, cool-headed, strong-willed but humble people and I naturally searched for the same pattern in my work life.

While most sports are about competition and results, martial arts are more about self-discovery and personal growth. I somehow assumed that the world of IT was the same, with different arenas, different things at stake.  I was really searching for something authentic, something inspiring to help me grow some wings. When my boss showed up at my first interview dressed in a strappy yellow T-shirt, he checked my “authentic” box. Then, learning about some of my colleagues that were moving mountains in their projects, fired my inspiration.

Last but not least, I first felt my wings spread when I was given the freedom to spread across multiple tasks and discover what I am good at.

That’s me in a nutshell.  I know I said I love my silence but don’t hesitate to poke me if you want to know me better. I’m really warm and friendly by nature and who knows, maybe I can talk you into taking up Wing Chun ;).