TEC’s partnership with Romanian National Lottery: Going digital – joaca.loto.ro

In August 2023, a significant milestone was reached in Romania’s National Lottery landscape with the introduction of our platform joaca.loto.ro. This platform represents a crucial step forward in enhancing and modernizing the ticket purchasing experience for the Romanian National Lottery’s most popular games 6/49, 5/40, and Joker.

Our dedicated team behind this platform has one primary goal: to make this process more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. joaca.loto.ro offers users an array of options, such as selecting their preferred numbers or trying their luck with the “Quick Pick” feature, all available conveniently online, directly through our website.

Since its official launch in August, joaca.loto.ro has garnered significant attention from online lottery enthusiasts across the nation. In just its first month, the platform managed to captivate a staggering number of eager players of Romanian National Lottery games. This remarkable development marks a historic moment in the lottery’s 117-year history, as it expands into the online, thanks to a platform developed by TEC Software Solutions.

Through joaca.loto.ro, you now have the opportunity to participate in online lottery games from Romania, using your preferred device. Don’t hesitate to register on joaca.loto.ro today and start enjoying the convenience and accessibility of online lottery gaming like never before. Luck might be just a click away!