Technology transforming the live event experience

An industry redefined by innovation

Over the past 30 years, society has been radically transformed by hardware, software and connectivity advances that have laid the foundation for the modern event experience. From planning and delivery to promotion and attendance, every aspect of the sports and music events we enjoy today has been refined by these technological innovations and the customer expectations they have created.

Calling on our learnings across almost a decade of providing digital experiences for leading sports events and music festivals, we have analysed the fan journey across the different stages of event engagement.  From ticket purchases to post-event surveys, we’ve dived into the technologies that have had the greatest impact and those that are likely to shape the event experience of the future.

Taking pictures on a mobile phone in a sports stadium. Focused on fans

Technology across the event experience

So, we know that technology has made events safer and more convenient for fans and driven efficiency, cost savings and more revenues for the organisers. We also know that mobile technologies and connectivity have underpinned the advances seen by all stakeholders, but how have digital innovations shaped the different stages of event engagement?

For our analysis, we have broken down these stages into:

  • Pre-Event
  • At the venue
  • Watching the action
  • Future events

Discover more in our whitepaper below about how technology shapes the entire event experience.