My UNTOLD Story & Sparks of Magic 2020

A new Untold Story is told 

With all major events of the year being cancelled or moved-up until next year, new strategies of engaging with customers and fans had to be created. This year’s edition of Untold being on-hold until 2021, the organizers created a beautiful, engaging online event, in order to celebrate what it has begun one of the world-renowned EDM festivals ever. And, as we were already used to, the event will be told as a story. 

This year, Untold’s organizers launched a special invitation to everyone who has ever entered the World Capital of Night and Magic, and share their unique feelings or moments who have defined them not only as festivalgoers, but human beings, full of emotions, hope and joy. Everybody was invited to look over photos and videos and share them on a custom-tailored online platform created for this event and on Untold’s social media platforms, in order to recreate the magic behind this unique festival. 


The 2020 Untold story is being told not only by festivalgoers, but also by the festival’s organizers and the incredible artists who got us goosebumps over the years. The staff can share epic moments recorder on their phone, during those past 5 years. The artists will tell stories and memories of their time at the largest dance music festivals in Europe. 

This tripartite story will be then processed and turned into one incredible aftermovie, also for the same edition, for the first time in history, exclusive sets played by Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell, Kygo and many more will be broadcasted for this UNTOLD edition – Sparks of Magic. 

Sparks of Magic 2020

Year after year, tec:agency is honoured and challenged to redefine the game when it comes to excellence in large, worldwide events. Being one of Untold’s technical partners is a thrilling experience for our team. 

Heroes of the World Capital of Night & Magic tell your UNTOLD story & let’s bring together our Sparks of Magic.