How technology and data are driving the digital healthcare revolution

Digital health is BIG business

Welcome to the forefront of a transformative era in healthcare, where technology is reshaping the landscape of how we live and work. Positioned at the intersection of these advancements is the digital health market, currently valued at nearly €200 million ($211 million) worldwide, and poised for an impressive 18.6% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 2023 and 2030. Projections suggest that by the end of the decade, this market will soar to over €750 billion.

The driving forces behind this surge are multifaceted – huge strides made in the sophistication of IT infrastructure, widespread smartphone adoption, enhanced connectivity, and the societal dynamics of an ageing population grappling with a rise in chronic conditions. Additionally, the imperative to control healthcare costs in publicly funded systems and the accelerated digitalization spurred by the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic have further propelled this evolution.

In this paper, we will look at how technology has transformed healthcare, delving into the different categories of the digital healthcare market and the data revolution that has underpinned their growth. We also analyse the challenges faced with implementing digital transformation in different healthcare systems. Finally, we draw on the experience and expertise of TEC’s engineers in building digital platforms for private healthcare, medical research organisations and healthcare insurers to look at the benefits that can be experienced when they are overcome.

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