A good luck message ahead of 150th Open at St Andrews

On behalf of everyone at TEC, we wanted to say good luck to all those working at, reporting on and competing in The 150th Open at St Andrews.

These people will all be part of sporting history; their actions behind the scenes, behind a camera and behind a putt will shape the memories that people take away from the next few days at the home of golf. With record crowds expected on the course, following 1.3m ticket applications via the ballot, and millions more watching around the world, they are the team responsible for the way in which fans experience this major milestone for The Open.

TEC is proud to be part of this team.   

We will have two people on site, supported by a further 19 back at our headquarters in Cluj, working on the event remotely. Our on-site team will work side by side with The R&A’s digital technology and content teams helping to manage the website’s performance and analytics during the tournament and oversee client side testing and verification of remote developments. They will also support with the streaming service, testing the domestic experience while the team back in Cluj tests the international version.

In addition to support with video and audio streams, the team back at TEC HQ plays a critical role in managing and maintaining the digital experience fans get through the website and, in particular, through the live scoring platform that TEC created for The R&A, and which takes the data feed from SMT and publishes scores and leaderboard changes in real time. They also oversaw the development  of the bespoke scoring platform which was built by TEC as part of the new digital presence for the special Celebration of Champions competition which took place on Monday 11th July.

TEC’s HQ team is also a key part of how the media cover the event, with the Virtual Media Centre that TEC built for The R&A used to provide journalists and photographers with the latest content from across the course.

The close relationship we have built with The R&A over the past five years, supporting the development of their digital presence and helping to manage the digital experience at events, will stand us in good stead as we approach the climax of this momentous week. We are proud to be part of the event team and to work alongside so many hardworking and talented people, who are all committed to making sure fans have the best experience possible.

St Andrews, the world is watching…and we’re proud to help them do so.

For more information on the TEC: Agency and how we can meet your digital challenge, please contact us at hello@tecss.com.