The Open leaderboard for a worldwide audience

the open leaderboard engine azure architecture

The Open Leaderboard is the most viewed page of, providing live scoring and statistics during the golf’s oldest Major. To support this, The Open needs a strong data engine to deliver the live scores, statistics and player tracking in real-time. The platform needs to be fast, reliable, scalable and flexible to adapt to unpredictable changes. The solution provided was the “Event Data Engine”.

The flexibility of the engine is provided by a feed management administration module that empowers non-technical administrators to change, test and safely apply changes to the feeds in a matter of minutes, allowing for quick reaction to unpredictable scenarios. 

An auto-scaling Azure Services architecture was used to offer the reliability and scalability needed.

We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves: 2 billion Leaderboard requests with under 250ms response times and 0 failed operations.

Claudiu POTINTEUAdelina IONESCU Senior Software Engineers