Untold & Neversea
Ticketing, redemption, access, online check-in and top-up

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Is an electronic dance music (EDM) festival which takes place in Cluj-Napoca's Central Park in Romania. Started in 2015, Untold is now one of the largest dance music festivals in Europe, with over 400,000 visitors every year.

Despite its young age, Untold has swiftly become one of the most beloved and acclaimed festivals worldwide, having won ‘The Best Major Festival’ at the European Festival Awards.

The main stage is the hub of EDM throughout the festival, accommodating over 50,000 participants inside Cluj Arena. However, Untold's lineup also embraces an array of genres (including drum and bass, house and techno), perfect for an international audience ready for the ultimate party experience.

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Is an EDM, electronic and pop music festival which takes place in the sun-soaked coastal city of Constanța, Romania.

From the imagination of the visionary team behind Untold Festival, Neversea has rapidly built its reputation for supreme lineups, and an even more impressive stage production.

Now in its third year, expect non-stop parties over a multitude of venues (each with their own extravagant visual designs), sure to wow festival goers through to the early hours.

The challenge
There were several core challenges we dealt with successfully:

  • Pre-sale stages (over 50,000 potential buyers crowded up for the first 15,000 available tickets)
  • All year technical support
  • Support and platform availability during the event
  • Reporting and analysis

The situation
We were appointed to lead the product growth strategy, including digital strategy, customer experience, proposition and brand identity creation. Working closely with the UNTOLD and Neversea festival teams, we created a new, responsive, cross-channel platform to support the innovation of the wider business initiative.

The strategy
How to sell the tickets as fast as possible while ensuring maximum payment security? Sending over 1,000,000 customized marketing emails per year.
How to provide real-time reporting for event decision makers? Integrate all partner ticket selling platforms: Eventim, Entertix & Festicket
How to minimize waiting times related to wristband redemption, venue access and top-up? Cluster all data for on-site wristband redemptions (Netpositive), access control and payment provider (FestiPay).

untold and neversea case study

Check-in and top-up online solutions helped both UNTOLD and Neversea to minimize queue times. This also provided additional marketing and sales reports, including more accurate information about the festival attendees.

80% of tickets were sold through an internally developed platform and the other 20% of tickets were purchased using other partner platforms

Brand evolution
Both events have a working staff of over 150 persons all year round (reaching 2,000 people during the event). Additionally, almost 200 companies and partners are involved in various domains and departments. The areas we provided solutions for include: ticketing & access, cashless payment, sales & marketing.

- 2019 being the 5th year together

The results
50.000+ tickets sold 2019 sold out its first presale stage of 15.000 tickets in less than 30''
40.000+ on-line check-ins in 8 days
20.000 successful on-line top-up transactions in 10 days
1.000.000 custom e-mails sent

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55.2 %
Decrease in check-in waiting time

36.9 %
Increase in the overall traffic

32.5 %
Increase in buying rates

Over the years, we have improved the sales process, helping our client to both meet their customers’ needs and enhance the festival experience.