How to have a thrilling experience at UNTOLD?

TECTalks see you at untold

We are only a few hours away from the 5-year anniversary edition of one of the biggest festivals in Europe, UNTOLD. Everything started 5 years ago and surpassed all expectations even from the first edition, when it was awarded Best Major Festival at the European Festival Awards 2015 and Brand of The Year at the IAA Excellence Awards. Since then, in August, for 4 days and nights, in the heart of Cluj-Napoca, we’re captivated with good music and lots of entertaining activities.

We’re pleased being involved in a project that thrills the heart of music lovers. Three years ago, we started to develop the Online Check-In and Top-Up platform. We’ve put our heart, time and ideas into this project, in order to make everything easier for the festival-goers, so that they can enjoy the festival and not stand in queues.

This year, a substantial percentage of festival-goers embraced the idea and started to use this service. 

Organizers recommend ticket holders to choose Online Check-In and Top-Up, so that they can enjoy quick access to the festival. After successfully completing the Online Check-in, each of them will be able to load funds, selecting the Top-Up service. The funds will be transferred automatically on their lucky charm wristband.

The Top-Up service will also be available during the festival and can be accessed directly from the UNTOLD mobile app or by accessing this link.

So, people of UNTOLD, have fun and enjoy the music. See you there!