Developing an e-health online platform – SplusX

Healthcare in the Digital Age 

Nowadays, technology is integrated in almost every part of our lives. Smartphones, tablets and computers made possible that even healthcare services are engulfed in this ascending trend. E-health was born and raised by pioneers wanting to bring specialized, medical services closer to people, in order to prevent and treat various medical conditions. 

SplusX – preventing and treating dysfunction and optimizing sexual function 

One topic is reluctant to talk about is sexual dysfunctions, but this doesn’t mean that the problem doesn’t exist. Numbers state that 54% of males and 65% of women deal with sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, diminished sexual desire, orgasm issues, arousal issues, and dyspareunia. 

 A team of top experts in IT, robotics, computers, psychology and medicine developed a unique online platform, dedicated to preventing and treating dysfunction and optimizing sexual function. SplusX is a new tool for assessing sexual dysfunction that can be used on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, officially recognized by The American Psychiatric Association.  

Our team’s input was to build and support the main functionalities of SplusX’s online platform. 

Platform’s Process Overview 

The online platform can easily discriminate between clinical and nonclinical sexual dysfunction, due to well-analyzed parameters, and test and evaluate sexual dysfunctions, based on over 2 decades of research and exhaustive clinical studies. The platform is targeting early and advanced technology adapters, both patients dealing with sexual dysfunctions and sexology specialists. 

Its main objective targets users and account usability – create and use accounts for receiving personalized, medical advice. User’s privacy, data security, flexibility and enhanced communication channels between experts and patients were also prioritized. 

4 steps away into the right treatment 

The online platform is easy to use and highly functional. The users must follow a specific guided virtual journey, in order to receive a possible diagnosis, resources for treatments and follow-up sessions. Based on clinical results so far, the platform estimates over 97% relief in specific, diagnosed disorders. 

Evaluation  Diagnosis  Treatment recommendations  Follow-up 
sexual cognitive questionnaire DSM Screening genogram of excitatory stimulus  20+ protocols personalized per subject  specific protocols, built in over 15 years of clinical trials  compare to normal health state, previous defined 

This robust and innovative platform is built on standardized and validated protocols. Its expert approach on sexual dysfunctions makes SplusX a one-of-a-kind tool in e-health solutions and applications.